Bike Couriers

COJM was originally designed for the bicycle courier trade.

Why spend money on dedicated courier hardware when most smartphones are more than capable of the task?

As the riders can use the web browsers in their own phones to communicate with a dispatcher, job feedback can be streamlined and job addresses are not mis-heard over a radio network. No more chinese whispers!

Our system interacts with google maps to automatically calculate the distance between the collection and delivery to give you the option of charging your clients on a mileage rate.

We recommend a "waterproof phone", such as the Motorola Defy for outdoor working.

We are currently developing an Android application, to ensure that feedback can still be sent when in no reception areas.


Estimate CO2 savings via various methods

PM10 savings are also calculated to further enhance your environmental credibility.

CO2 can be calcuated by hourly rate (average job mph), per individual service (ie a regular trip of known distance), or by distance from postcode to postcode.

Impress your clients with PDF certificates, ie "In 2009 we have helped XXXX to reduce their carbon footprint by XX Kg".