Courier Login

Designed to be viewable in any smartphone browser.

The courier login pages are designed to be lightweight and fast - essential when out on a delivery.


Change Individual Job Status to :

  • Accept new job
  • Collection Scheduled
  • En-route to collection
  • On-site at collection (prompt to add waiting time after customisable minutes)
  • En-route with POB (parcel on board)
  • Pause / Re-start job
  • Completed


Edit Jobs

  • En-route to collection / Collection / Delivery / On-site / Pause / Resume times
  • Surname of POD
  • Delivery comments
  • Private delivery comments (only viewable by cyclist and your office staff)



  • Tracking ID
  • In case of emergency contact details
  • Displaying last tracking time sent to our server
  • Scheduled / Current Job List


Smartphone Choice

We recommend that if purchasing smartphones specifically for the courier trade, to go for a robust Android model.

We are currently in the process of developing an Android application which will have numerous benefits whilst we continue to improve and update the COJM system.