Dispatcher Login

The dispatcher login has some great features for efficient scheduling.

The dispatcher has full control over the job flow process, equipped with various tools to enable an overall team viewpoint on all outstanding collections and deliveries.

Current and scheduled job list screen (including whether job has been viewed and accepted by courier

Manually change job status, and all times associated with the job.

Change cyclist, along with adding and editing courier details.

Manage hourly rate services along with ASAP deliveries.

View and edit private comments regarding the job, only viewable to staff.


Use Google Maps to visualise collections and deliveries.

View a map with all the collections and deliveries outstanding for today.

Filter by individual courier with separate icons for collections, deliveries and GPS courier location.

Map also prominently displays unscheduled jobs, along with setting a regular display refresh rate.

A sound alert can be activated upon refresh to alert you of unscheduled jobs, along with jobs not meeting client expectation.

These features require a HTML5 compatible browser, ie installed within the last 2 years.


Providing Excellent Customer Service

We give you the tools to quickly communicate with your clients to keep them up to date with their expectations.

Edit and add new client details, send via email confirmation of job bookings.

Create and send invoices with the minimal of fuss.

Create new jobs on the system for telephone service requests.

Create and edit custom services, all configurable with individual costs and carbon savings for bicycle couriers.