Website Integration

We can customise the client login sections of the software to suit your individual styling requirements.

We take pride in having excellent, independently monitored up-time, whilst keeping your business moving.

We have taken many websites from planning stages through to being fully operational.

Cycle4U Couriers in Birmingham use COJM, and we are currently developing various other courier websites, contact us for details.


After we have setup your website, you may wish to tweak from time to time.

You will be able to log in to to add or edit new pages, along with change images and formatting.

We take a twice daily backup of the data so in the event of a major error, we can restore your service quickly and efficiently.

All of the software is fully W3C compliant for faster page creation, and our servers are fully IPv6 compatible.

We use carbon offset servers to minimise any environmental impact by our services.


Keep your existing sales website.

You can run COJM alongside your existing website to make the upgrade process easier.

At a future point in time, all data could be transferred to your main website.

If you are starting your courier business from scratch, we would advise you to use COJM on your main website from the outset.

Contact us for a demonstration of how we can integrate COJM, or how we can help you design your perfect courier website.