Manager Login

The Manager login includes all features of the dispatcher login.

Additional reporting features keep YOU in charge of the business.

  • Expense Logging (Future and Paid).
  • Profit and Loss Accounting.
  • Edit Services, Couriers, and Client Details.
  • Change email templates to keep your message current and consistent.
  • Creating PDF Invoices for credit accounts
  • Use the system on the go, auto detects mobile devices with the streamlined version



Keep on top of your invoicing with the COJM tools.

Summary of total volume and amount awiting invoicing

Edit invoice template, easily edit your own text and logo's



COJM can be updated as and when required to ensure that you display a consistent message to the world.

Edit the colours used to highlight individual job messages.

Choose from a library of 150 alert sounds, eg. for when a new job is added to your system.

A database of hundreds of icons to choose from for customising your maps and interface.

Adjust refresh times to suit your individual requirements.


There are numerous reporting features within COJM.

Profit and Loss reporting uses the income data from your operations to self fill these fields.

If you are registered for a via OFCOM for mail delivery then COJM maes it easy to file those returns.

COJM can handle the difference between licensed and unlicensed jobs by editing the job service, saving you valuable time in compiling reports.